Mercedes-AMG A35 And CLA 35 Getting New Grilles

Posted: 18th of January 2021 by Platinum Auto

"Mercedes-AMG has decided to finally give the A35 and CLA35 the same Panamericana grille used on all other AMG models. This exciting news means that even the lowliest Mercedes-AMGs will match AMGs of all performance levels. Today the Panamericana grille is a status symbol, but this unique styling queue has a rich history dating back to the 1950s.

The Panamericana grille debuted on the legendary 300SL in the early 1950s where racing variants all used this distinct grille. A 300SL sporting this unique grille won the Carrera Panamericana in 1952, even after a dangerous altercation with a vulture and the rest is history.

The Panamericana grille hit showrooms in 2018 when it was added to the AMG GT sportscar. After its first use on the AMG GT, Mercedes-AMG started to use the grille on other AMG models ranging from their SUV models to their luxurious S65 and S63. Eventually, all AMG products had the Panamericana grille, which will now include the A35 and CLA 35.

The entry-level A35 and CLA 35 AMGs offering aspiring Mercedes-AMG customers an opportunity to join this exclusive club with a more affordable and practical vehicle. Many have tried to discount the importance of these cars and claim that they are not “real” AMGs. The engine is not a Mercedes-AMG unit and is not hand-built like the engines found in other Mercedes-AMG products. Instead, the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is a modified version of the engine found in the entry-level A250 and CLA 250.

Is this detail enough to discredit the value and performance of the A35 and CLA 35? Or is the opportunity to own a more affordable entry-level AMG product enough to give up some of the exclusivity?"

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