BMW 5 Series Gets Mild Hybrid Powertrain In Europe

Posted: 23rd of September 2019 by Platinum Auto

As part of its electrification strategy to grow its alternative-power vehicles, BMW will introduce a mild-hybrid option for the 2019 BMW 5 Series in November. Accompanying the plug-in hybrids in the line-up, the aim of this new system is to lighten engine workload and boost performance, resulting in better numbers at the pump without compromising on driving dynamics. 

A powerful 48V starter-generator coupled with a second battery helps increase the effectiveness of the brake energy regeneration system by allowing the energy gathered when braking or off-throttle driving to be used in generating more driving power. This is also in addition to the system providing extra juice to electrical vehicle functions. The starter-generator behaves like an electric drive unit that helps the engine operate within optimum performance, maximising efficiency and power as frequently as possible. When needed, the system also allows for an electric overboost function, injecting more power to the drivetrain when accelerating under full throttle. Another advantage of the starter-generator is the seamlessness of the automatic start stop function, allowing very little vibration and increased smoothness when transitioning between on and off engine modes. Also, the engine can now be completely shut off when coasting, rather than just disconnecting it from the drivetrain. 

Models that will be adopting this technology will be the 520d Sedan and Touring models in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive options. That's right, no love for the gasoline powered 5 Series at the moment. And if that wasn't enough, the extremely effective yet hard to legalize BMW Laserlight system will now be found on additional 5 Series variants, namely the 550d Sedan and Touring models. Again, no love for the US market just yet. 

On a positive note, plug-in hybrid models of the BMW 5 Series and 3 Series will be getting a range of optional extras previously available only to the combustion engine variants.

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