Somebody has hidden a Lamborghini Gallardo in a Ford Mustang


Posted: 13th of December 2018 by Platinum Auto

We all know that feeling when pressed between choosing American muscle or an Italian supercar, and not being able to pick which camp we want to be put into. Some thoughtful folk out there have built cars combining the merits of both, with a brilliant example being this half Ford, half Lamborghini 2009 Tractorri Custom Coupe, which is heading to auction in Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale sale next January.

Once a SEMA Show star, this one-of-a-kind car looks like a 2007 Mustang, but has the full running gear from a Lamborghini Gallardo, a merging of worlds that came in with an eye-watering build cost of $700,000 (£552,720, €615,290).

The Audi-sourced 5.0-litre V10 Gallardo engine powers the car, and comes with the six-speed automatic transmission that the Italian car used. Power is delivered to all four wheels, and there are anti-lock brakes and a front lift. Since its show debut, the car has covered 2564 (presumably very noisy) miles.

The builder of the car created custom bodywork for the car and a fabricated front end, which includes Porsche 911 Turbo indicators, steel fender flares and rocker mouldings. The taillights from a Lamborghini have also been added at the rear.

Rather than something silly like ‘Mustardo’ or ‘Gallang’, the car is named ‘Tractorri’, as a tribute to Ferrucio Lamborghini’s humble beginnings in tractor production and sales. The colour of the car, a deep crimson red, was also specifically chosen.

The preference to Lamborghini is continued with the interior, which features a cropped Gallardo dash and centre console (including all controls), and the factory seats. Custom options in the cabin include Alcantara headliner, door panels and lit sill plates. Although it’s almost 10 years old, the car has keyless entry, and comes with a book detailing the process that turned two cars into one.

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